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Journal of Material Characterization and Applications is an international journal and is published every 4 months. The purpose of the Journal of Material Characterization and Applications is to reflect the latest advances in various areas of materials characterization, experimental and applied materials, including:  The main purpose of this journal is to deliver and publish the original results of research in the field of information science and technology to researchers and readers. The acceptance criterion on the subjects covered in the journal is the originality and quality of the articles proven by independent referees. However, contributions to emerging fields are encouraged; This means they are a priority for review and publication. Review articles are not published without the special request of the Editorial Board. The journal aims to publish original research articles covering the microstructure, electromagnetic measurements and characterization of composite, ceramic and ceramic-based materials.


The journal is team-reviewed by a professional scientific committee specialized in its field and the editor for rapid publication and a rigorous peer review process


◆ Composite materials, glass materials, nanostructured and ceramic composites

◆ Spectroscopy, ceramic matrix composites, polymer structured materials

◆ Electromagnetic measurements (reflection loss, shielding effectiveness, absorber properties)

◆ Processing methods for ceramics and functional ceramic coatings

◆ Process areas in electroceramics

◆ Advanced ceramic materials (oxides/non-oxide),

◆ Superconducting ceramics, ceramic foams

◆ Electroceramics, bioactive/inert ceramics, optical ceramics

◆ Materials for energy application and nuclear materials

◆ Metal oxide materials

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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024): Journal of Material Characterization and Applications
Published: 2024-04-30


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